Sunday, 13 November 2011

Night Photography

Corner House, Barrow in Furness
This is an example of a night photography shoot. Further explanation of how I achieved this to follow.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Light Painting 3rd November

Tried a spot of Light Painting with local Focus 8 photo group.

Equipment required:

  • Camera capable of having the shutter open for at least 30 seconds
  • Tripod (essential)
  • Torch
Select a location for the shoot that is not going to be affected by ambient light or passing cars. This will spoil your exposure.
Set up your camera and tripod and frame your car. Do not move your camera from this position. Set your camera to Manual. I then set the aperture to f9 and the shutter to 30 secs. Next press your shutter release and   paint a section of your car for the 30 secs (for example, the front windscreen, bonnet and bumper). Go back and check the shot you have just taken to see if you are happy with it. If you are then repeat the painting again, concentrating on a different section of the car.
Once happy that you have painted the whole car you can then add some other effects like using the 'Star Wars' light saber for the green around the bottom of the car. You can also take another shot with the interior light on or headlights for added effect. 
Once you have your shots back home you need to merge them together using Photoshop or any other similar  program. If anyone would like to see how this is done then please let me know. Make any final adjustments to your merged image, save and voila! One light painted car.